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Discussion on the classification of polypropylene monofilament fiber
Nov 04, 2016

Polypropylene is isotactic polymerization of propylene polypropylene as raw material spun synthetic fibers in our trade name pp. Polypropylene fiber can be divided into long fibers, staple fiber, textile adhesive nonwovens, meltblown nonwoven cloth and so on. Fiber and polypropylene fiber can be divided into ordinary fine denier fibers (single wire ≤ 2.2 dtex dtex, can be used in the production of clothing and decorative filament and part products. Fine denier polypropylene fiber gloss, good soft, draping, low density, suitable for knitting with cotton, viscose silk, silk, spandex woven into wool covers, silk gaibing products, are ideal for making high-end sportswear, t-shirts and other materials.