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Fiber wall clothing construction steps
Nov 04, 2016

First step: paint mixing, the wall clothing into clean, large plastic containers. Determine the amount once stirred enough from the painted area. According to the instructions on the bag, add a little warm water, mix thoroughly. Note to use the clean, no iron or other impurities in the water to prevent wall clothing contaminated. Second step: construction of roller coating, under different conditions on the wall after preprocessing based on the wall, make sure the wall clean, solid, dry, the underside is white. The mixture is paste on the wall, spread, and special roller brush roller (approximately 1-2 mm thick). If you found using wall clothing is not enough, you can rest fully with the added material after mixing before use. Step three: wait for dry, after the 24-48 hours to suit the wall dry period should ensure that construction site clean to avoid dust and garbage-stained walls.