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Multiple cold front has hit the textile market continued to dip
Nov 04, 2016

From the textile industry, export data is still not ideal. Data released by the General Administration of customs show that in December 2015, China's textile and apparel exports to 26.95 billion dollars, rose 22.6%, an increase of 4.97%. Among them, textiles (including textile yarns, fabrics and related products) and exports to 9.81 billion dollars, an increase of 0.58%; clothing (including apparel and accessories) totaled 17.139 billion dollars, an increase of 7.65%. But from the perspective of exports for the year 2015 textile and garment export 10 green 2 red each month, the situation is not optimistic. Judging from the BCI business, as of January 29, the BCI index for January business-0.24,-1.1% per cent, reflecting manufacturing in the month economic contraction from the previous month, the economic downside risks.

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