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Overview of the development history of PP fiber
Nov 04, 2016

Earlier, will get a low degree of polymerization of propylene polymerization of paper products, non-crystalline compounds, no practical value. In 1954, Ziegler and Natta invented Ziergler-Natta of polypropylene catalyst made of Crystal, has a high vertical structure regularity, with state-wide structure, such as polypropylene or pp. This research opens up new directions in an aggregate field, to large-scale commercial production of polypropylene and plastic products, and fiber production is widely laid the Foundation. In 1957, Italy Montecatini companies realize industrial production of polypropylene. 1958-1960, the company and polypropylene fiber production, the developers name Meraklon polypropylene fiber in the future United States and Canada have also started production.