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Performance characteristics of polypropylene fiber
Nov 04, 2016

(1) light weight polypropylene fiber density is 0.90-0.92 g/cm3, is the lightest of all the chemical fiber, lighter than nylon 20%, 30% lighter than polyester, 40% lighter than viscose, making it suitable for winter clothing flocculation fillers or skiing, mountaineering and other fabrics. (2) strength high, and elastic good, and wear, and resistance corrosion polypropylene strength high (dry state, and wet state Xia same), is manufacturing nets, and cable of ideal material; wear sex and back elastic good, strength and polyester and nylon similar, back play rate can and nylon, and wool phase comparable, than polyester LUN, and viscose big have more; polypropylene of size stability poor, easy pilling and deformation, anti-microbial, not borers; resistance chemical drug sex is better than General fiber.