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Polyester glass fiber cloth
Nov 04, 2016

Polyester fiberglass cloth (Fiberglass-Polyester Paving Mat) is the geotextile, geogrid, striped polymer developed a new type of composite geotechnical synthetic material, has good compatibility with asphalt mixtures. Engineering practice showed that, glass fiber grid gate no waterproof function, its network grid can and asphalt mixed material formed embedded squeeze role, but using in the to fixed, easily expansion and refuses to posted, effect asphalt mixed material of normal assessment Pu and its added reinforced role; geo cloth can prevent water Xia infiltration, but geo cloth in hot asphalt mixed material assessment Pu temperature over 160 ℃ Shi, its strength and anti-creep variable performance poor and cannot play added reinforced anti-crack effect; and polyester glass fiber cloth overcome has this both of shortcomings. It can deal effectively with the pavement cracks and water damage to bridge deck and pavement.