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Polyvinyl alcohol fiber
Nov 04, 2016

Polyvinyl alcohol fiber is polyvinyl alcohol dissolves in water, wet or dry spinning spinning made of synthetic fibers. Polyvinyl alcohol fiber treated with formaldehyde polyvinyl formal fibers, commonly called vinyl, China's trade name for polyvinyl alcohol. Polyvinyl alcohol was originally from Germany P.H. synthesis of Herman and Haehnel, in 1924, 30 's Germany made from fibers, called jintuofeier (syntho-fil). Because it dissolves in water and cannot be used as textile fibres, mainly used as surgical sutures for surgery. Until 1939, Japan Sakura Taichiro et al research of polyvinyl alcohol treatment and acetal method, it becomes good water resistance of fiber. Production of polyvinyl alcohol fiber of the countries in the world have China, Japan, North Korea, the Soviet Union, short fiber-oriented products.