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15mm Concrete PP Fiber Staple
Jun 20, 2018

15mm Concrete PP Fiber Staple Basic Info

  • Model NO.: XGPP9015

  • Function: Strengthen, Rot Proof, Moisture Proof, Waterproof, Soundproof

  • Certification: RoHS, SGS, CE, ISO

  • Polypropylene Content: 100%

  • Polypropylene Staple Fiber Filament Diameter: 90micron

  • Elastic Modulus: >3850MPa

  • Melting Point: 160degree-180degree

  • Moiture: <1%

  • Transport Package: 20kg PP Bag

  • Polypropylene Staple Fiber Type: PP Fiber

  • Material: Polypropylene Fiber

  • Model: Xgpp9015

  • Color: White

  • Tensile Strength: >500MPa

  • Polypropylene Staple Fiber Fiber Length: 15mm

  • Density: 0.93G/Cm3

  • Specification: ROHS

  • HS Code: 3902100090

15mm Concrete PP Fiber Staple Product Description

15mm concrete PP fiber staple were cut from polyproplene filament,the chopped strands is designed for reinforced concrete and asphalt pavement,it can combine solidly with concrete aggregates, additives,admixtures and cement.This chopped strands anti-acid and alkali,no lose in a strong for 100days,same as well in strong alkali,therefore it will not be any corrosion in alkaline hydrolysis of the concrete.it can maintain the status for 50 years,to play its long-term effectiveness, control of concrete/mortar plastic shrinkage,drying shrinkage,micro-cracks caused by temperature changes and other factors,to prevent and suppress the formation and development of cracks, greatly improving crack resistance of concrete,impact resistance and impermeability,to prevent cracking of the concrete part surface.


Type:Bunchy monofilament
Polypropylene content:100%
Filament diameter:90μm
Tensile strength:500Mpa
Elastic modulus:≥3850Mpa
Fiber length:15mm
Melting point:160-180oC

15mm Concrete PP Fiber Staple PROPERTIES:
1.To prevent concrete cracking:
Concrete cracks occurred mainly before concrete harden,due to the evaporation and transferring of moisture,thereby causing the generating of internal plasticity crack.After incorporation of PP fiber chopped strands,Inside the concrete to form a homogeneous three-dimensional non-directional distribution support system.delay and prevent early onset and development of plastic cracks of concrete, and therefore play a more effective role in cracking toughening.0.05% volume dosage,the crack resistance can be increased 70%.
2.Improve waterproof and impermeability of concrete.
After the concrete (mortar) incorporation of a small amount of PP fiber chopped strands,inhibit the emergence and development of early shrinkage cracks and segregation cracks.The concrete (mortar) porosity is greatly reduced, so that the concrete (mortar) impermeability greatly improved,it can be used for concrete projects require high impermeability.0.05% volume adding dosage,impermeability capacity can be increased more than 60%.
3.Improve the impact resistance of concrete.
PP fiber chopped strands and cement-based material has a very strong binding force,the fiber can be quickly and uniformly mixed with concrete to form a three-dimensional non-directional support system,when the concrete stand tension and shock,evenly distributed and larger numbers of fibers play a role of absorption energy and sharing stress.
4.Improve abrasion resistance of concrete.
Concrete incorporation of a small amount of fiber,it can control plastic shrinkage and plastic settlement cracks,surface texture uniform bleeding pulp film,while the three-dimensional non-directional fiber system can absorb more energy,enhanced concrete  abrasion resistance.tests showed that it double the service life after adding fibers,in particular for roads and water conservancy construction project.

 1. concrete septic tank,basement,roof,reservoirs,external plastering, etc.used as crack impervious material,the effect is particularly evident.
2. Shotcrete for top and wall of tunnels,mines,underground,civil air defense projects . Concrete's rebound and shedding no more than 4%-5%.
3.dams, cisterns,drains,swimming pool.Reduce cracking,reduce permeability and enhanced corrosion resistance.
4.situations require high index of fatigue resistance,impact resistance,durability.like docks,roads,bridges,streets concrete pavement,airport,etc.
5.precast concrete sheets,tubes and so on.Increase the crush resistance, reduced shrinkage and settlement cracks.
In general, PP fiber chopped strands for all types of concrete construction.Reduce concrete cracking,reinforced concrete impermeability and toughness,thereby improving the life of the building.
It is a physical effect the reinforcement for concrete / mortar enhancement,rather than chemical action.There will be no conflict and chemical reactions with concrete aggregates,admixtures,cement,and it has good adaptability with concrete materials,it does not affect the addition of other concrete admixtures usage,their function independently of each other.
PP fiber can not replace structural reinforcing material,don't decrease the body structure size because of using PP fiber.PP fiber alone could not solve the settlement,massive concrete hydration heat and a strong external shocks occasions;It also need maintenance and following of construction regulation.
Generally to meet the requirements for surface crack,1 CBM concrete mixing 1kg fiber. For special using like basement seepage prevention need 1.5kg/m3 to 3.0kg/m3,abide by engineering design criteria.
The PP fiber chopped strands should be keep dry in their original cartons and stored in a suitable place,preferably at room temperature with 35-65% relative humidity.Avoid the sun, rain and fire
15mm Concrete PP Fiber Staple PACKAGING:
PP woven bag with inner film bag,net weight:20.00kg,gross weight:20.20kg

Shipment by sea:
A:for pallets loading:total 20pallet,each pallet 400kg/20bags,one 20feet container 8000.00kg.
B:for bulk loading:total 450 bags,one 20feet container 9000.00kg.

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