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Common Polyester Staple Fiber Have Good Heat Resistance
Aug 11, 2017

 Common Polyester Staple Fiber Have good heat resistance

The advantages and disadvantages of ordinary polyester staple fiber analysis of ordinary polyester staple fiber and cotton which is good.

Ordinary polyester staple fiber in the textile industry is a great role, by a variety of diols and aromatic dicarboxylic acid or its ester by polycondensation of polyester as raw materials. Mainly used for clothing and interior decoration, etc., ordinary polyester staple fiber which advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of ordinary polyester staple fiber: the strength is generally 44 ~ 71cN / dtex, higher than the cotton 1 times higher than the wool 3 times, there are good heat resistance, light fastness and abrasion resistance, in -70 ~ 170 ℃ Use within. Drug resistance and strong, difficult to occur mildew and suffer pests, so the custody is relatively simple. Not deformation, moisture, obvious advantages.

Common polyester short fiber defects: poor dyeing performance and hygroscopic properties, the need for high temperature, high pressure dyeing, complex equipment, the cost is high, easy to produce static electricity. In view of this problem ordinary polyester staple fiber, ordinary polyester staple fiber advantages and disadvantages analysis we will continue to improve.

Some people think that cotton is good, but there are some people think that ordinary polyester staple fiber environmental protection. Some people will choose neutral. But also are woven into the fabric of the material, made of different things, the effect is not the same.

Polyester fiber is often known as polyester, often used to make pants commonly used fabric, but the polyester breathable, easy to feel hot, do not belong to high-grade fabric. In the global walk is the environmental line today, also commonly used autumn and winter fabrics, but not easy to do underwear. Production costs lower than cotton. Polyester acid. Cleaning with neutral or acidic detergent, with alkaline detergent will make the fabric aging accelerated. In addition, ordinary polyester staple fiber material generally do not require ironing, low temperature steam on the line. Because no matter how many times the iron and cotton, the water was wrinkled.

Cotton and ordinary polyester staple fiber has no advantages and disadvantages with ordinary polyester staple fiber and cotton which is good, cotton alkali. Cleaning with ordinary washing powder like, in the warm steam on the line, cotton breathable, moisture perspiration, children's clothing fabrics often selected.

Although the advantages and disadvantages of cotton and ordinary polyester staple fibers are different, in order to neutralize the advantages of their own to make up for the shortcomings, many times will be a combination of two kinds of material according to a certain ratio, will be able to learn from each other, to achieve the desired effect in daily life The.