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Fuctional Fiber Fiber Performance
Jul 13, 2017

Fuctional Fiber Fiber performance

The development of functional textiles is an important part of the development of textiles. Strengthening or attaching one or more special functions on the basis of the general function of textiles is the specific task of functional textile development. Functional textile development is inseparable from the functional fiber.

Fiber is the basis of the composition of textiles, fiber performance fundamentally affect the function of textiles, at the same time, fiber performance needs through the specific form of textile performance, will inevitably be restricted by the form of textile organization, good use of textile tissue structure , It is conducive to fiber performance in the textile in the full play, contribute to the smooth development of functional textiles. The development of functional textiles, so that one or more functions of textiles are reinforced or other functions or functions attached to the textile, can be achieved through different technical ideas.

3.1 direct use of functional fibers, through the composition of textile products composition design, organizational structure design, the appearance of the shape design to develop functional textiles

You can use all the functional fiber, you can also use functional fibers and other textile fibers blended or intertwined way.

All use of functional fibers, such as the development of electromagnetic wave shielding fabric. The use of conductive metal fibers, can be the ideal electromagnetic shielding fabric.

All the use of functional fibers, the textiles are functional and specific, often in use there are other obvious defects in the function, such as poor appearance, feel bad, difficult to dye, wearing uncomfortable, etc., in this way to get Textiles and more for the needs of specific industrial use, such as fabric as fabric with functional fabrics, but also need other types of textile fibers to make up for its shortcomings.

The use of functional fibers and other textile fibers blended, such as the development of anti-static fabric. With the conductive functional fiber and synthetic fiber blended way, can get different effects of anti-static fabric. Other functional fibers, such as far-infrared fiber, antibacterial, sterile fiber and other different types of fiber blended, the same can be the corresponding function of the textile.

The use of functional fibers and other textile fibers intertwined, such as with PBT elastic fibers and other fibers intertwined, can be different elastic functional fabrics.

The use of functional fibers and other conventional fibers blended or intertwined way, you can make functional textiles in strengthening a function at the same time, other application performance will not be significantly affected, which is the development of functional textiles important technical ideas.

The use of functional fibers and other textile fibers blended or intertwined, to consider the type of fabric, the fabric structure of the impact of textile performance and so on.

With the scientific and technological progress and improve the living standards, people on the clothing and home textiles products more and more demanding comfort. For example, such as summer fabrics want to have fast moisture absorption, water absorption, but also has a quick-drying, anti-ultraviolet radiation function; ski sportswear needs hydrophobic, lightweight and insulation and other multiple functions; swimming sportswear required to wear a good shape, Improve the swimming speed, the fabric needs to be flexible and hydrophobic. The comfort of textile materials mainly includes hygroscopicity, water absorption, moisture retention, hydrophobicity, air permeability, light warmth, shape stability, telescopic elasticity, anti-pilling and pilling.