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Fuctional Fiber Physical Form Function
Jul 01, 2017

Fuctional Fiber Physical form function

Functional fiber function fiber, also known as high-functional fiber, the new fiber, which means in addition to a "fiber, fabric, clothing," this function, but also both some special features of the fiber. Functional fiber is made of functional polymer material, can also be made of ordinary polymer materials through processing, modification, or add functional materials created by. In the field of polymer chemistry and fiber chemistry, there is also the idea that functionality is based on its molecular structure and reactivity, that is, under certain conditions, when it is liberated from such conditions or conditions, Some kind of environmental medium can play a certain role in the fiber called functional fiber, many functional fibers are based on the development of functional polymer materials.

At present, synthetic fibers have been dominated by the use of fiber materials, in addition to the development of special functional fibers to meet the high-tech requirements such as aerospace, with people's living standards and aesthetic changes, a large number of different needs of differentiated fiber and functional fiber. In recent years, Japan has a series of supply market, South Korea's textile enterprises will gradually focus on fiber production from ordinary fiber to high value-added functional fiber, the domestic also carried out the development and research. 2 production of functional fiber products functional fiber products are mainly produced by the following methods! (1) blending spinning method in the spinning liquid to add a special function of the material, and then spinning, this method is stable and lasting effect; (2) composite spinning will contain functional substances in the solution with the general The spinning solution is sprayed from the same spinning port to form filament, and its structure has many kinds, such as parallel shape, leather core shape, island shape and so on; (3) fiber modification to modify the original fiber, (4) special finishing in the finishing process of the fabric coating, padding or spraying functional substances, this processing method of the product durability is not strong; (5) the use of new Fiber such as chitin fiber, milk protein grafted fiber, soybean protein grafted fiber, bamboo fiber and so on. 3 functional fiber and fabric type 3.1 functional fiber classification 3.1.1 functional fiber classification by use ⑴ taking functional fibers (such as ultra-fine, high moisture absorption, high moisture, high shrinkage, anti-bacterial, pest control, non-iron, soft, etc. (3) industrial functional fiber (high strength, high modulus, conductive, adsorption, separation, anti-aging, ion exchange, anti-aging, anti-aging, ion exchange, , Biocompatible, etc.).

Functional fibers are classified into four categories by functional classification. Electrical function: conductive, anti-static, high insulation, electromagnetic shielding, photoelectricity, thermoelectricity, information memory, etc .; thermal function: high temperature, low temperature, low temperature, high temperature, Heat, flame retardant, insulation, etc.; optical function: light guide, light absorption, light reflection, light refraction, optical interference, photo-induced, light, polarized, and so on;

Physical form function: different cross-section, different fineness, ultra-fine, porous surface and so on.