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High Shrinkage Fiber New Synthetic Fiber
Jun 15, 2017

High Shrinkage Fiber New synthetic fiber

Contraction of the advent of fiber and application of only ten years of history, this is a new type of synthetic fiber, many people still lack a proper understanding of it, and even mistakenly believe that it is a high elastic fiber, In fact, this is two different nature of the fiber. In general, the boiling water shrinkage of about 20% of the fiber is called the general shrink fiber, and the boiling water shrinkage of 35% to 45% of the fiber is called high shrinkage fiber. At present, the common high shrinkage polyacrylonitrile fiber (acrylic) and polyester fiber (polyester) two.

Compared with the crystalline polymer fiber, polyacrylonitrile fiber has a unique structure does not exist in the strict sense of the crystalline and amorphous areas, and only quasi-crystalline high sequence and amorphous intermediate sequence or low order Area. This unique structure, it has a unique thermal elasticity, can be made of high shrink acrylic fiber, acrylic yarn for the production. Manufacturing high shrinkage polyacrylonitrile fiber, often using the following methods:

(1) at a temperature higher than the glass transition point of the acrylic fiber, the number of thermal stretching, the fiber in the macromolecular chain stretch, and along the fiber axial orientation, and then quenching, the fiber macromolecular chain morphology And the tension is temporarily fixed. The yarn is subjected to a damp heat treatment in a relaxed state where the macromolecule chain is crimped by thermal movement, thereby causing a significant shrinkage of the fibers in the longitudinal direction.

(2) increase the content of the second monomer methyl acrylate, can greatly improve the shrinkage of acrylic;

(3) the use of thermoplastic second monomer and acrylonitrile copolymerization, can significantly improve the fiber shrinkage.

The high shrinkage type polyester fiber is generally obtained by modifying the crystalline polyester.

Mainly through two ways to produce high shrink polyester:

First, the use of special spinning and stretching process, such as the use of commercially available POY wire by low temperature tensile ﹑ low temperature shaping process can be made of boiling water shrinkage of 15-50% of the high shrinkage polyester;

Second, the use of chemical denaturation method, such as neopentyl glycol from the copolymer polyester spinning, with this fiber made of combed tops or spun yarns for dyeing, made of the fabric at about 180 ℃ temperature , To shrink, shrinkage up to 40%.

Highly shrinkable fibers are widely used in textile products and can be blended with conventional products and then boiled or steamed in a tensionless state, with high shrinkage of the fibers, while conventional fibers are crimped due to high shrinkage Into the circle, then the yarn fluffy garden run like wool-like. High shrink acrylic use of this method and conventional acrylic blends made of acrylic expanded yarn (including the expansion of wool yarn, knitted cashmere and color yarn), or with wool, Ma, wool and other blended and pure spinning, made of various Imitation cashmere, imitation wool, imitation Ma Hai Mao, imitation Ma, imitation silk and other products, these products have a soft sense of hair, light fluffy, good warm and so on.