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High Quality Polypropylene Fiber on Sale
Jul 13, 2017

High Quality Polypropylene Fiber on Sale Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:Polypropylene Fiber

  • Usage:Concrete, Non-Woven Fabric

  • Material:100% Polypropylene

  • Feature:Abrasion-Resistant

  • Fiber Type:Staple

  • Pattern:Plain

  • Color:White

  • Width:47/48"

  • Function:High Strength Fiber

  • Structure:Synthetic Carbon Chain

  • Model No.:Polypropylene (PP) Fiber

  • Export Market:Global

  • Specification:ISO9000

  • Origin:Shandong, China

  • HS Code:55069000

High Quality Polypropylene Fiber on Sale Product Description

   Our company sales high quality polypropylene fiber.

    Polypropylene fiber can be divided into ordinary long fiber and fine denier long fiber (filament number 2.2 or less dtex, can be used in the production of clothing and adornment and some industrial filament products. Fine denier polypropylene fiber long good luster, soft and good drapability, density is small, suitable for knitting industry, with cotton, viscose silk, silk cotton and spandex interwoven into cover cover c products such as acrylic, silk, is an ideal way to make high-end sportswear, T-shirt and other materials.

High Quality Polypropylene Fiber on Sale Property:
    1. Light Polypropylene fiber density of 0.90 0.92 g/cm3, of all the chemical fibers is the lightest, 20% lighter than the nylon, 30% lighter than polyester, 40% lighter than viscose fiber, so it's suitable flocculant for winter clothing packing or ski suit, mountaineering wear fabrics, etc.
    2. High strength, good elasticity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance Polypropylene fiber with high intensity (dry and wet state under the same), is an ideal material to manufacture fishing nets, rope, Good abrasion resistance and resilience, strength similar to polyester and polyamide fiber, resilient rate equivalent to that of polyamide fiber, wool, is much bigger than polyester and viscose fiber; The size of the polypropylene poor stability, easy pilling and deformation, antimicrobial, not decay; Chemical resistance is superior to the general fiber.
   3. With electrical insulation and warmth Polypropylene fiber high resistivity (7 x 1019 Ω. Cm), small coefficient of thermal conductivity, compared with other chemical fiber, polypropylene fiber electrical insulation and warmth retention property is best, but easy to produce static electricity when processing.
   4. Poor heat resistance and aging resistance Polypropylene fiber.

High Quality Polypropylene Fiber on Sale Application:
    1. The basement floor, side wall, roof, roof cast-in-place floor slab, reservoir, etc.
    2. Interior and exterior wall paint putty, aerated concrete and plaster, interior decoration and thermal insulation mortar.
    3. Civil air defense, military engineering, oil platform, chimneys, refractory materials, etc.
    4. Tunnel, culvert lining, thin-walled structure, slope reinforcement, etc.

High Quality Polypropylene Fiber on Sale Technical indicators:

Test items
UnitTest results
Density of fiberg/cm30.91
Equivalent diameterum34.2
Fracture strengthMpa599
Elongation at break%27.6
1% tangent modulusMpa4665
Melting pointoC169
Fiber qualitative--Polypropylene fiber

Q: Can I get free samples for test from your company?
A: Standared samples are avialable, all customers must pay shipping cost.

Q: What is the MOQ of your products?
A: The MOQ of our products is 1000 ton.

Q: How long is the delivery?
A: The delivery is according to the quantities, if quantity is large, we need about 15 days. For items with available stock, we can ready for the goods as soon as customers confirm the needs.

Q: What is the payment term of your company?
A: As usual, we need 30% deposit for the order, the rest to pay before shipment or after the B/L copy. Both T/T and L/C is acceptable.


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