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High Tenacity and High Modulus PVA Fiber
Oct 28, 2017

High Tenacity and High Modulus PVA Fiber Basic Info

  • Model NO.: Elt-hta

  • Ceiling Tile Shape: Long

  • High Shrinkage Fiber Ceiling Tile Type: Polyvinyl Alcohol

  • Function: Reinforcement

  • Color: Light Yellow

  • Length: 4mm,6mm or at Customer Request

  • Elongation: 7.5% Max.

  • High Shrinkage Fiber Product Name: High Tenacity and High Modulus PVA Fiber

  • Tensile Strength: >= 11.5cn/Dtex(1300MPa)

  • Tenacity: 11.5cn/Dtex Min.

  • Specification: CE

  • HS Code: 550390

  • Type: Concrete Fiber

  • Material: Polyvinyl Alcohol

  • Surface Treatment: Film Coated

  • Certification: ISO, MSDS

  • Usage: Concrete/Cement

  • High Shrinkage Fiber Diameter: 2.0+/-0.25dtex

  • Density: 1.29g/cm3

  • Modulus (0.1-0.4%): >= 290cn/Dtex(35gpa)

  • Melting Point: Melting Point

  • High Shrinkage Fiber Formula: (CH2choh)N

  • Transport Package: 200 Kgs/Bags, 12.8 Tons/ 1X20`Gp, 25.6tons/1X40`Gp

High Tenacity and High Modulus PVA Fiber Product Description

1, PVA Fiber Introduction
    Polyvinyl alcohol fiber with high strength and high modulus polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) as the main raw material, made by wet spinning process.
The product has a high modulus, high strength, low elongation, pollutionfree, nontoxic, and with acid, alkali, salt, abrasion, sunlight, corrosion, enzymes borers, cracking, anti-penetration, anti-UV, anti-aging properties.
    The products and cement with good adhesion can effectively prevent small cracks caused by the plastic shrinkage, Applicable to a variety of reinforcing materials, widely used in industrial and civil buildings walls, roof, floor and roads, bridges, tunnels, slope reinforcement.
Because of the unique properties of PVA fibers, engineering, construction applications has a broad development prospects, it is an ideal replacement of asbestos completely new products.

2.PVA Fiber Specification:

 Polyvinyl alcohol PVA Fiber
Material:Polyvinyl Alcohol
Tenacity:11.5CN/dtex min.
Elongation:7.5% max.
Modulus (0.1-0.4%):280+/-20CN/dtex
Hot Water Solubility (90C,1hour)≤2%
Length:5mm / 6mm multiple

3, PVA Fiber Feature
(1) having good mechanical properties, high strength, high modulus, low elongation.
(2) acid and alkali resistance, chemical resistance.
(3) Light resistance: In the long sunshine, low loss fiber strength.
(4) Corrosion resistance: Fiber buried underground for a long time does not mildew, rot, no insects.

(5) fibers have good dispersibility: No fiber adhesion, and good dispersion in water.
(6) fiber and cement, plastics and other affinity, high adhesion strength.
(7) non-toxic to humans and the environment.

4, PVA Fiber Application
(1) high strength and high modulus polyvinyl alcohol fiber is an excellent substitute for asbestos fibers          and glass fibers.
(2) polyvinyl alcohol fiber cement products are widely used in construction, such as fiber cement boards,      tiles, pipes and so on.

(3) high strength and high modulus PVA fiber tow in water conservancy construction, instead of steel as        reinforcement belt.
(4) high strength and high modulus PVA fiber can also be used for advanced road construction, airport        runways, tunnels, bridges and other construction.
(5) the production of high strength rope, safety net.
(6) rubber tires with reinforced material for conveyor belts, fire hoses, hoses and other preparation.
(7) plastic reinforcements.
Our Mainly reinforcing fiber as below:

Our Advantage
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e.seal of container f.container seal lock with number
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