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Polypropylene Staple Fiber Chemical Stability
Jun 15, 2017

Polypropylene Staple Fiber Chemical stability

Polypropylene staple fiber can improve the crack resistance, impermeability, abrasion resistance, frost resistance, anti-blast ability and improve the workability of concrete. Tens of millions of fibers evenly distributed in the mortar / concrete, played a very good micro-reinforcement effect, so that the structure of the integrity of the whole, to avoid the impact of the structure destroyed by many fragments, to prevent the Structural corrosion of steel bars, can greatly extend the life of the project to reduce the maintenance costs of the project.

Polypropylene staple fiber features editor

1. Higher strength and elastic modulus, is conducive to the mechanical properties of concrete.

2. Strong adhesion with the cement surface, hydrophilic treatment conducive to hanging ash, improve strength.

3. Excellent dispersion, not Baotuan, effectively ensure its anti-cracking performance.

4. Fiber chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance.

Enhancements to concrete:

Improve the anti-seepage resistance of the wall; improve the anti-stripping resistance to wear; improve impermeability, freeze-thaw; enhance the protection of the resistance of the concrete; Ribs function; to prevent the mortar dry crack and prevent crack propagation.

Polypropylene staple fiber use ed

It has anti-cracking impermeability, wear resistance, improved toughness, improved impact, explosion-proof, explosion-proof, anti-cracking, anti-cracking, anti-cracking and so on. It is used in anti-cracking putty powder, insulation mortar, concrete, construction level, wall, floor, pool, basement, But also has a resistance to pull away, improve the integration of old and new interface

Application field editing

Cement mortar

Inside (outside) wall paint, aerated concrete plaster, interior putty and insulation mortar.

Anti - blast, fire - resistant works

Air defense military engineering, oil platforms, chimneys, refractories and so on.


Tunnel, culvert lining, thin wall structure, slope reinforcement and so on.

Concrete rigid self - waterproof structure

Basement floor, side wall, roof, roof cast-in-place floor, reservoir and so on. Anti-cracking, impact resistance, anti-wear, demanding engineering, water conservancy projects, subway, airport runway, port terminal, interchange viaduct bridge deck, pier, long structure.

Construction Advice Editor

Common mortar recommended per side mortar content: 0.9-1.2kg general 1kg / m³

Insulation mortar recommended per ton of added amount: 1-3kg

Concrete recommended concrete content per side: 0.6-1.8kg, generally 0.9kg / m³