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Profiled Fiber Excellent Rigidity
Aug 11, 2017

Profiled Fiber Excellent rigidity

This type of fiber is represented by star and polygonal fibers. It is most suitable for crepe fabric, often used to imitate its silk. Polygonal low elastic yarn can be made wool, imitation linen, knitted or coat fabric, product glossy soft, feel waxy slippery, thin, very cool. In addition, because the multi-leaf section of the fiber feel good, good warmth, a strong sense of wool, and anti-pilling and anti-fluff, more suitable for the production of velvet fabric. In particular, with its hair blankets, the villi can be tangled with each other, but also fluffy erect, rich three-dimensional and full of thick feeling.

Trilobal section fiber

In addition to this type of fiber with excellent optical properties, but also has a large coefficient of friction, so the fabric feel rough, thick, durable, more suitable for the coat fabric. Especially the trilobal filament is more suitable for knitting fabric, it will not appear hook wire and jump wire, even if there will not be formed holes. Trilobite made of fleece fabric, the suede can be kept full, erect, with good mechanical bulkiness. High twist of the trilobal filament made of imitation linen feel crisp, more suitable for summer clothing.

Y-section fiber

China's Taiwan Province in order to improve the international competitiveness of the textile industry in the island to promote different diamonds Yy-shaped fiber, profiled fiber has been widely used in the textile industry in Taiwan. The YY-type fiber cross section can form many single-fiber pores, Y-section fiber porosity of 40%, 20% of the triangular cross section and 15% higher than the circular section. These pores provide sweat moisture ductile ducts, so it is the best material for moisture absorption and perspiration cloth. In addition, Y-section fiber fabrics have less contact with the skin and can reduce the sticky feeling when sweating. Yy-type composite fiber is the most important feature of light weight, absorbent sweat, easy to wash quick-drying, the use of composite spinning technology can change the type of raw materials, creating a variety of visual and feel. Products can be used for women's shirts, skirts and sportswear, training equipment and other fabric production.

Double cross section fiber

This kind of fiber woven socks have many advantages, taking good performance, not only to solve the socks off the fall, but also in the same fineness, because of this type of fiber cross-section, materials will be greatly reduced.

Flat cross section fiber

This type of fiber has excellent rigidity and can be used as a long hair with imitation fur. Flat viscose filament made of velvet fabric with velvet style.