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Profiled Fiber Synthetic Fiber
Jun 08, 2017

Profiled Fiber synthetic fiber

A chemical fiber having a special cross-sectional shape spun from a spinning hole of a certain geometrical shape (non-circular). Also known as "profiled section fiber". The so-called shaped fiber, is the original exactly the same synthetic fiber made of cross-section of the deformed fiber. Like natural fibers, so that they appear triangular, star, foliage, etc., can be shaped cross-section fiber, it can be shaped hollow fiber, or composite shaped fiber. The profiled fiber is relative to the round fiber. It is a special geometric shape of the spinneret hole squeeze out, so that a certain geometric shape of the fiber. At present, the production of special-shaped fibers are triangular, Ya-shaped, pentagonal, trilobal, four-leaf, five leaf-shaped, fan-shaped, hollow and so on.

In natural fibers, silk can produce flash. Through the study to understand, silk flash from its cross-section was triangular. In the light irradiation, the fiber's three geometric refractive index is not the same, and as the prism that light to produce refraction and spectroscopy. In this way, the light reflected on the dazzling colorful. Shaped fiber is inspired by the silk and developed, called the bionic in the chemical fiber modification on a major achievement. Popular consumers on the market of flash scarves, flashing artificial fox fur, you can really artificial mink, silver gun coat, etc., are made of this shaped fiber.

The use of five-star, bean-shaped cross-section of the polyester shaped fiber blended into polyester-cotton, polyester and viscose, polyester and linen fabric, due to the gap between the fiber and the yarn, the fabric can have a good permeability. According to the test, its permeability than the same specifications of ordinary polyester textiles 10% to 20% higher.

The "T" and "Y" cross-section fibers in the profiled fibers are useful as air purifying materials because of their large surface area and good adsorption properties.

Shaped fiber compared with the general fiber, has the following characteristics. The first is the optical effect is good, especially the triangular fibers, with a small prism-like spectroscopic effect, can make natural light after light combination again, giving a special feeling. The second is the large surface area, can enhance the ability to cover and reduce the transparency of the fabric. But also improve the ring fiber easy to play the ball deficiencies. The third is due to the cross-section was a special shape, can enhance the adhesion between the fibers to improve the fluffy fiber and breathability. The fourth is anti-spinning performance is better than round fiber. It is used in a wide range of woven, woven and carpet industries. China's use of profiled fibers mainly produce textiles and knitwear, such as the production of imitation Xia cloth, corrugated silk, imitation silk, imitation silk and woolen tweed and so on.