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Regenerated Polyester Staple Fiber Breaking Strength
Oct 10, 2017

Regenerated Polyester Staple Fiber Breaking strength

What are the quality indicators of recycled polyester staple fibers?

Line density: fiber mass per unit length

Breaking strength: under the specified conditions with a tensile tester tensile test, until the fracture, the fracture strength and elongation, from the breaking strength and linear density to calculate the fracture strength. Unit: cN / dtex (relative strength)

Elongation at break: The percentage of elongation at the time of stretching of the fiber is called the elongation. The elongation at which the fiber stretches to break is called the elongation at break, which means that the fiber is subjected to tensile deformation.

Curl shrinkage: After the crimp is deformed, the ratio of the length of the straightened length to the length of the curled state and the length after straightening is measured under the specified load. It reflects the deformation of the silk was straightened after its curly three-dimensional structure to restore the resulting shrinkage.

Curl stability: The ratio of the crimp to the crimp shrinkage before the load is increased. It reflects the amount of crimp shrinkage that the deformed yarn can retain after heavy load.

Dyeing: dyeing is an important performance of textile fibers, it contains the contents of: the appropriate dye can be dyed, can be dyed chromatography is complete and the depth of the implementation of the difficult dyeing process, dyeing uniformity and dyeing The color fastness and so on. In recent years, the car has entered the people of the "ordinary people home", automotive interior demand for textiles growing, especially environmentally friendly, functional interior textile diversification needs more urgent

It is understood that recycled polyester staple fiber is the most widely used human synthetic fiber. Recycled polyester staple fiber has excellent wrinkle resistance, elasticity and dimensional stability, good electrical insulation properties, resistance to sunlight, friction, no mildew, no better chemical resistance, weak acid and weak base. After the modification of the functional regeneration of polyester staple fiber also has a flame retardant, antibacterial, fluorescent, easy to dye, sweat absorption, good ventilation and other functions. At present, the functional reproduction of polyester staple fiber fabric as a car interior decoration, has been well-known European car companies such as BMW, Audi, SAAB, etc., these brand-name cars are used by the recycled polyester staple fiber and linen fabric. Experts said that automotive interior materials should be able to meet the mechanical properties, physical properties, chemical properties, processing performance, economic performance and environmental performance requirements, both to have sufficient strength, toughness, sound absorption, thermal performance, but also light Cheap, can carry out the depth of molding; both anti-bacterial anti-bacterial, but also recycling. For now, the functional reproduction of polyester staple fiber is undoubtedly the best choice. Functional reproduction of polyester staple fiber automotive interior textile fabric safety, health, green, to meet the automotive interior materials should have all the requirements of performance, with great market potential.