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Regenerated Polyester Staple Fiber Chemical Fiber Industry Is Developing Rapidly
Aug 11, 2017

Regenerated Polyester Staple Fiber Chemical fiber industry is developing rapidly

While the chemical fiber industry is growing at a high speed, raw material sources and waste disposal are tricky. Synthetic fiber raw materials are mainly based on non-renewable oil resources, China's crude oil imports are highly dependent, how to reduce the dependence on oil resources has become a very prominent practical problems.

  Polyester as the representative of the chemical fiber industry, the rapid development of human production and life to bring scientific and technological progress and comfort to enjoy at the same time, all kinds of waste textiles caused by environmental pollution is also growing. Recycled polyester staple fiber industry through the polyester waste materials production, processing and use, resulting in social benefits greater than the economic benefits of enterprises. To solve the employment of millions of people. Which only recover the cleaning industry to solve the employment of about 45 million people, renewable fiber processing enterprises about 30 million people, while renewable chemical industry also directly related to the industry about 80 million jobs.

  2012 renewable chemical fiber production capacity of 8.3 million tons, the output of 5.3 million tons. Due to the decline in garment exports, the use of waste clothing raw materials in the country have 15% to 20% decline, estimated cloth, foam consumption of 800,000 tons, imports of the whole bottle / bottle 2.05 million tons (hairs by 10% to 12% % ~ 22% discount bottle of 1.7 million tons), waste silk, fenning, foam 250,000 tons, the domestic beverage bottle recycling 2.8 million tons.

Technological progress quickly reached the advanced level

  Domestic drinking bottle recycling from small-scale crushing, simple rinse to the development of decentralized recycling, and gradually concentrated, large-scale classification, sorting, crushing, high-temperature cooking of fine processing.

As the source of raw materials is complex, the performance difference is relatively large, the recycled chemical fiber production enterprises according to the actual situation, the equipment supporting transformation, equipment are non-standard device. From the initial vd404, vd405 equipment transformed into Japan Toyo spinning large capacity equipment. The current production line has been basically stereotypes, the formation of single-line production of 50 tons to 100 tons of production scale. In 2009, the equipment and technology of domestic equipment and technology represented by the high-strength short fiber and short-staple fiber in the Pacific Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. were approved by the relevant departments, which marked the level of Chinese renewable technology and reached the international advanced level.

Narrow the technology gap to update the consumption concept

  China and the developed countries in the recycling there is a certain gap: First, the recycling of raw materials in the system of policies, laws, regulations, taxes and other sound is not sound, the difficulty of operation sophomore in the high quality and efficient processing of raw materials, Foreign countries generally use the spectrometer, chromatography and metal detector to pick, and our country is basically using artificial picking three is the production process of renewable staple fiber, although the equipment, technology, technology, management has reached the international level, but in product development And the application of a gap with the developed countries Fourth, in the regeneration of polyester filament chemical technology development and industrialization to accelerate the pace of five is the renewable fiber products after the processing technology there is still a gap in the product The use and publicity on the lack of coercive means and the relevant laws and regulations as a guarantee.