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Regenerated Polyester Staple Fiber Polyester Fabric Is Durable
Jul 13, 2017

Regenerated Polyester Staple Fiber Polyester fabric is durable

Polyester staple fiber is made from polyester (polyethylene terephthalate, PET) by PTA and MEG polymerization and then spinning into tows. PET is rice grain, variety and variety. 75% for the chemical fiber with polyester, according to the textile industry requirements, the manufacture of polyester staple fiber and polyester filament.

Polyester staple fiber characteristics: strength: polyester fiber strength than cotton nearly 1 times higher than the wool 3 times, so polyester fabric durable.

Heat resistance: can be used in 70 ~ 1700C, synthetic fiber is the best heat resistance and thermal stability.

Elasticity: Polyester elasticity close to wool, wrinkle resistance than other fibers, fabric is not wrinkled, good security.

Wear resistance: polyester wear resistance after the nylon, in the synthetic fiber in the second place.

Water absorption: polyester moisture regain low, good insulation properties, but because of low water absorption, friction generated by electrostatic, poor dyeing performance

Polyester staple fiber Uses: The products are mainly used in the cotton industry, separate spinning or cotton, viscose fiber, hemp, wool, vinylon and other blends, the yarn used for clothing weaving, can also be used for home improvement fabrics, packaging With cloth, filling material and warm material. China's polyester staple fiber production line of complete sets of equipment growth, on behalf of the world's polyester staple fiber production line of complete sets of equipment growth. To enhance China's chemical fiber industry, structural adjustment and property upgrades, China's chemical fiber industry to change the status quo rather than strong.

Polyester staple fiber refers to the use of waste polyester bottle, spinning waste silk and pulp as raw materials, after cleaning, re-processing to do the polyester staple fiber. Belong to the resource recycling project. By 2.5D-20D many specifications. It has a large market because of its low cost, good performance. Now the general toys, clothing, home textiles are it as the main raw material. Foreign also has a lot of use.

High-quality polypropylene short fiber high strength, curl elastic strong, light weight, low melting point, good surface permeability, acid and alkali wear resistance is better than other fibers. Traditional non-ferrous chemical fibers need to be spinning, printing and dyeing, finishing and other environmental made of colored, the use of liquid dyeing technology, by spinning in the pigment to add, directly into color fiber, the product color and diverse From the source of energy-saving emission reduction, to create a green low-carbon environmental development model, out of a new type of colored fiber environmental development.

Accompanied by beautiful chemical fiber fabrics quietly into the home textiles, clothing fabrics and other fields, printing and dyeing fabric business environment and pollution also followed, behind the color is hundreds of millions of tons of sewage, even if we pay huge financial manpower and energy Governance, but industrial waste water is still deteriorating our environment, continue to see the news media of various high incidence of cancer and cancer village is its consequences.

To achieve the color of the liquid color polyester fiber unlimited color and industrial production, from the source of energy-saving emission reduction, and create huge economic benefits and eco-environmental benefits. It is foreseeable that under the continuous development of international technology and environmental protection under the multiple effects, from the source of energy-saving emission reduction of the liquid color of the color polyester fiber industry will usher in the development of the spring for the healthy development of human society to make a positive contribution.