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Regenerated Polyester Staple Fiber Production Process
Aug 01, 2017

Regenerated Polyester Staple Fiber Production process

Polyester Recycled Spinning Production Process Introduction 1, the process: the whole bottle sorting and crushing → bottle cleaning → drying → spinning → ring blowing → winding → wire → bundle → draft → curl → heat set → cut → Bale 

2, the production process Description: 1) the whole bottle sorting and crushing process: through the artificial, the recovery of PET bottles in the conveyor belt to the crusher during the delivery of the bottles according to the different color separation; Monochromatic bottles are automatically crushed into vials (debris) for spinning. 2) cleaning process: first through the multi-channel high and low density separation device will be sediment, iron and other high-density materials and low-density substances such as polypropylene and other separation; re-use of integrated reaction tank on the bottle high temperature cooking and adding chemical Solvent for physical and chemical reactions; and then dehydration by dehydration filling, so that basically meet the chemical synthesis of raw materials standards. 3) drying process: the bottle in the drum dryer in the heating, the inside of the bottle and the surface of the water vaporization and vacuum pump suction under the discharge, so that the bottle in line with the requirements of spinning. 4) spinning process: the bottle into the screw machine, in the external heating and rotation before the process, through the temperature, pressure, viscosity and other changes in the formation of high-pressure melt-like slurry into the filter for coarse filtration, remove some solid impurities; Into the box so that the pressure after the uniform through the metering pump to the components in the module through the multi-layer filter, and finally the formation of almost no impurities in the pure PET slurry; and then with a high-tech content of single, porous spray hollow Melt fine. 5) ring blowing, winding and down the barrel process: from the spinneret spray melt flow through the ring after the cooling into the winding section. Through the oil on the oil and the oil on the initial shape, so that the tow down the tow with air and balance; to promote the formation of hexagonal hexagonal system to enhance the physical properties of the product; at the same time reduce the friction between the tow, Eliminate static electricity. And then through the tractor to the scattered tow into the barrel of the barrel of the barrel. 6) cluster process: a number of Sheng silk drums through the wire guide wire guide wire, wire ring into a certain thickness, uniform tension of the tow, and then led to the drawing process. 7) drafting process: through the three drawing machine stretching, steam heating box heating, oil bath oil, the tow structure of the internal physical reaction, so that the crystal along the direction of the regular arrangement, so that instability Of the lattice into a stable crystal, greatly improved the physical properties of the tow, the formation of the tow of the secondary molding. 8) Curl process: The curling of the tow has the curl shape of the natural cotton wool by the crimping of the crimping machine, the textile property of the tow is improved, the cohesion and the resilience of the tow are improved. 9) Heat setting process: After the curling of the tow into the heat setting machine, so that the water content of the tow to reduce, while in the heat, the elimination of fiber internal stress, improve the crystallinity, improve fiber performance.