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SD RW Virgin Polyester Staple Fiber
Sep 21, 2017

SD RW Virgin Polyester Staple Fiber Basic Info

  • Model NO.: etc.

  • Material: 100% Polyester

  • Fiber Type: Staple

  • Color: White

  • Grade: Virgin/Recycled

  • Fineness: 7D

  • Grade.: Virgin/Recycled

  • Specification: all kinds of grade

  • HS Code: 55062000

  • Usage: Concrete, Filling Material, Spinning, Non-Woven Fabric

  • Feature: Anti-Pilling, Abrasion-Resistant, Flame Retardant, Anti-Distortion, Anti-Static, Heat-Resistant

  • Pattern: Striped

  • Width: 58/60"

  • Fiber Length: 64mm

  • Style: Solid

  • Use: Filling Material,Non-Woven Fabric,Spinning

  • Virgin Polyester Staple Fiber Transport Package: 25kg/Bags or According to Customer Demand

  • Origin: China(Mainland)

SD RW Virgin Polyester Staple Fiber Product Description

1) Material:
A) PET Flakes mixed color
B) PET Sheet flakes
C) PET Bottle flakes
D) High quality color concentrate

2) Details:
A) Fineness: 1.2D---9D
B) 1.2D*38mm is for sewing thread type
C) 1.4D*38mm is for high-strength cotton
D) 2D*51mm is in the long
E) 3D-9D*32/38/51/64/102mm in wool
F) Fiber Length: 32---102mm
G) color: Royal blue
H) Virgin Polyester Staple Fiber Tenacity: 4.5CN/dtex
I) Abnormal fiber: 20mg/100g-40 mg/100g
J) Oil pick up: 0.14%

3) SD RW Virgin Polyester Staple Fiber Applications:
Spinning yarns Ne 8-45s, open-end or ring-spunNon-weaving, thermal bonding, collodion, needle punching, spun lace etc.

4) Virgin Polyester Staple Fiber Features and Advantage:
A)High strengt: Higher over one double than cotton, also higher than three times with wool, strong and long time lasting.
B) Heat resistance, can be used in 70 to 1700° C, the best heat resistance and stability of all the synthetic fiber.
C)Wear resistance, in the second place during synthetic fiber, after nylon.
D) Good elasticity, close to wool. Crease resistance is better than all other fibre. It keeps textile fabric non-ironing.
E) Low moisture regain, good insulation quality.


Machine NameBrand & Model No.QuantityNumber of Year(s) UsedCondition
Drying Machine35882.0Acceptable
Spinning MachineNo Information12.0Acceptable
Washing MachineCPF-PE-HIOS32.0Acceptable
Rolling MachineTHV12.0Acceptable
Drawing & Crimping MachineB061 & YS25012.0Acceptable
Cutting MachineHV-300J12.0Acceptable
Heating MachineXunda42.0Acceptable

SD RW Virgin Polyester Staple Fiber Testing Machinery:


Machine NameBrand & Model No.QuantityNumber of Year(s) UsedCondition
Pressure Difference Moisture Determination DeviceSF-112.0Acceptable
Oil ExtractorCHB90212.0Acceptable
Electronic Single Fiber Strength TesterYG001B12.0Acceptable
Balance 1JN-B12.0Acceptable
Balance 2Shangping12.0Acceptable
Color Assessment Cabinet60-612.0Acceptable
Electric Drying MachineY101-212.0Acceptable

1Deviation of lineal density %±15.0
2Length deviation %±10.0
3No. of crimps (in 25 mm)M1a±3.0
4Multiple length(mg/100g)  ≤30
5Defect content(mg/100g)  ≤500
M1 is the central value of elongation,the cotton-type is from 15.0~35.0,in the long fiber is from 20.0~50.0,in wool type is from 25.0~55.0,no change after confirmired

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