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Textile Fabrics Mildew Common Cleaning Method
Nov 04, 2016

1, cotton clothes mildew occurs: a few green beans, there is mildew repeatedly rub, then rinse with clean, mildew is cleared. 2, woolen clothes mildew occurs, just clothes for a few hours in the Sun to dry, dry, brush lightly with a brush on the line. 3, silk clothes, moldy clothes soaked in water to scrub with a brush, and mold large, heavy and mold in the place, softly about 5% of ammonia, soaked after 3---5 minutes, and then wash with water. Mildew occurs the white silk dress, with 50% alcohol solution and scrub repeatedly, will soon eliminate the mildew. 4, musty leather with a towel moistened with SOAP and water, after removing dirt, wipe again, wash immediately with clean water and dry, then apply a layer of oil. 5, chemical fiber clothes moldy, thick scrub with a brush dipped in soapy water, rinse with warm water, mold can be removed.