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Textile Merchant Which Changes Are Taking Place
Nov 04, 2016

Today, all the major e-commerce platform to establish themselves in their respective fields on the basis of constantly vertically integrated upstream and downstream industry chain resources, perform "Internet +X" attempt. Mesh red, medium, content, the rise of entrepreneurship, not born entirely by electricity supplier, but knows "X+ Internet" and the essence of the rules. Textile business from "Internet + textile" to "textiles + Internet" transition, heading for a climate, geography, and behind this advantage. Not long ago by the China textile industry association information and Statistics Department, circulation branch model to create work, Zhejiang, China textile city network co successfully appeared in the "China textile e-commerce demonstration base of public service". As the textile industry currently has 2.06 million members, established shops 620,000 of the e-commerce platform, Zhejiang China textile city network Co Ltd has been committed to using the Internet to transform the textile industry, are accumulated as of May this year online turnover of 41.429 billion yuan.