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Three Issues Limiting Textile Enterprises Gold
Nov 04, 2016

1, the sluggish global economic environment inhibited textile season, slowdown of the domestic economy and foreign economic downturn, have a direct impact on our foreign trade sales, meanwhile, RMB exchange rate fluctuations more so far this year, making textile enterprises is not to rush into big, long, so as to avoid losses. 2, pull up of raw materials, lower profits, manufacturers are not enthusiastic, as textile raw materials prices sharply in Latin America, weaving product profitability decrease, manufacturers are not enthusiastic. Early under the influence of the G20 Summit, polyester, nylon and other synthetic materials have gone up. 3, order rare problem, pressure upon inventory, failture to weaving industry demand. Current Terminal market's biggest problem is the problem of order, textile enterprises generally reflect fewer orders, resulting in a weaving business inventories fall slowly.