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Top Quality Hot Selling! ! ! Concrete and Mortar PP Fiber
Jun 07, 2017

Top Quality Hot Selling! ! ! Concrete and Mortar PP Fiber Basic Info

  • Model NO.: Concrete and Mortar PP Fiber

  • Material: 100% Polyester

  • Fiber Type: Staple

  • Color: White

  • Function: Radiation-Resistant Fiber

  • Density: 0.91-0.01g/cm3

  • Length: 3, 9, 12, 38 as Customer′s Require

  • Origin: China

  • Usage: Concrete, Filling Material

  • Feature: Anti-Pilling, Abrasion-Resistant, Flame Retardant

  • Pattern: Jacquard

  • Width: 47/48"

  • Structure: Miscellaneous Chain Synthetic

  • Fiber Dia: 0.02~0.05-0.015mm

  • Tensile Strength: 450MPa Min

  • Specification: CE SGS

Top Quality Hot Selling! ! ! Concrete and Mortar PP Fiber Product Description

PP Fiber for Concrete and Mortar
1. Function:

AA), resist to shrink & crack

Bb) Increase seepage resistance
C). Increase freezing &thawing resistance
Dd). Replace steel net
Ee). Prevent mortar split and crackle expansion
Ff). Increase impact resistance and peeling resistance
2. Top Quality Hot Selling! ! ! Concrete and Mortar PP Fiber Suitable project:
AA). Be suitable for the water-proof layer, floor, inner&outer wall of industrial and civil construction.
Bb). Increase cracking resistance on the surface of industrial workshop, warehouse and parking lot.
CC). Increase cracking&seepage resistance of the ground in natatorium, swimming pool, pond and
Dd). Be suitable for any mortar projects and fine aggregate concrete project.
Ee). High way, bridge and other roads.
3. Top Quality Hot Selling! ! ! Concrete and Mortar PP Fiber Specification:
Raw material...Polypropylene
Crack Elongation...20%± 5%
Fiber Type...Monofilament
Fiber Dia...0.02~0.05± 0.015mm
Melting Point...160~170° C
Density...0.91± 0.01g/cm3
Acid &Alkali Resistance...Strong
Tensile Strength...450Mpa min
Length...6/12/19/38mm etc.
4. Applying Instruction:
AA). Compound Amount. To resist the common cracks on surfaces, 0.9Kg/m3 fibers to cement mortar are enough.
Bb). Stirring requirement: The proportion of cement, sand and aggregate is no need to be changed. Put cement, aggregate, additive and fiber together, then stir after adding enough water (Do not stir without water! ) and time for stirring can be prolonged for 2 -3 minutes in order to make compound mix completely. Also it can be mixed even with cement and other aggregates in advance, stirring by adding water at worksite before constructing.

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